Mindful Photography

Project 365 - Photo-a-day

Wildcat Cafe - Yellowknife, NT - Canada

Looking Out from the Pilot's Memorial - Yellowknife NT - Canada

Looking Out from the Pilot’s Memorial – Yellowknife NT – Canada

Shack near Pilot's Memorial - Yellowknife, NT - Canada

Other images from the Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in Yellowknife, NT – Canada. My thanks goes out to Samantha Stuart who organized the event and the eleven other walkers who partook in the walk. Well done, all!

Listening to – U2’s ‘Lucifer’s Hands,’ Bruce Cockburn’s ‘Call It Democracy,’ U2 and the Dubliners’ ‘Ballad of Ronnie Drew’ and Coldplay’s ‘Oceans.’

Quote to Consider – Harvard psychologist and researcher Ellen Langer defines “mindfulness as the simple act of actively noticing things and notes its connection with increased health, competence and happiness …” (there’s something in such conceptualization for photographers).

4 thoughts on “Mindful Photography

    1. Hey there, Leanne:

      Your weekend wanderings of 1 November 2015 captivate. The water street reflection seems to juxtapose impressionism and realism styles. The building’s greens recall green associated with Degas’ ballerina/dancer paintings. Liking this image, especially. Good, good.

      Thank you and these kind words. 😉

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