A Good Squeeze Out of Life & Entering Death

Final Resting Place
Final Resting Place
Skaha Lake - Beach Rentals - Penticton BC 1
Skaha Lake – Beach Rentals – Penticton BC 1
Skaha Lake - Beach Rentals - Penticton BC 2
Skaha Lake – Beach Rentals – Penticton BC 2
Skaha Lake - Penticton BC - 1
Skaha Lake – Penticton BC – 1
Skaha Lake - Penticton BC - 2
Skaha Lake – Penticton BC – 2

A Blessing – Entering Death

For Ivan, who took an enormous, enjoyable squeeze out of Life … a blessing from many to accompany your passing. Ivan passed away in Penticton, BC last week at the age of 74 leaving behind many good friends and family. The words are that of John O’Donohue but the sentiment and blessing contained within them are shared and offered by many.

I pray that you will have the blessing
Of being consoled and sure about your death.

May you know in your soul
There is no need to be afraid.

When your time comes, may you have
Every blessing and strength you need.

May there be a beautiful welcome for you
In the home you are going to.

You are not going somewhere strange,
Merely back to the home you have never left.

May you live with compassion
And transfigure everything
Negative within and about you.

When you come to die,
May it be after a long life.

May you be tranquil
Among those who care for you.

May your going be sheltered
And your welcome assured.

May your soul smile
In the embrace
Of your Anam Cara (that radiant source of wisdom, that link between the human and the divine).

~ Entering Death, To Bless the Space Between Us (A Book of Blessings), John O’Donohue


    1. Blessing, as John O’Donohue puts it, is about aiding the person about to make a transition in Life to something unknown – a new relationship, a new role, a new something – a new area of Life that doesn’t have a road map (or at least one that we can see); the blessing prefaces transition defining best approach in terms of the reality that may be encountered and solicits divine assistance in handling the transition well … a raft of words that ferries the person from what is known and understood into that next state. Blessing is about what can be done for others at their threshold moments – done well and beautifully, a blessing can serve as anchor within that transition. It can call forth the grace we need to give ourselves within our own transitions.

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