Greenery – Among Light, Mist and Shadow

Canon 60D, Canon Camera, Lookback Photos - One Year Ago, Project 365 - Photo-a-day

Englishman River Falls, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

In the heart of coldest January, summer photographs aid reminiscence of warmer, pleasant times. I’ve been to Englishman River Falls on Vancouver Island three times – dangling feet in the water with my wife and cousin, hiking the area with my Mom and Dad and finally as photographic opportunity.  This photo shows the interplay of the river’s movement among fading light, mist, shadow and greenery.

Listening – I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City Music Hall – poignant, well-sung lyrics among resonant rhythms.

Curious quotes for the pondering:

“God becomes and unbecomes,” from Meister Eckhart highlighting the idea that God is only our word for it, that it’s so much more.

“God is not perhaps so much a region beyond knowledge, as something prior to the sentences we speak.” ~ Foucault, The Order of Things (cited in Marion 1994:570)

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