Santa Day Fireworks

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Midway through this December, Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I were in the Cab of my white 2000 GMC Sierra half-ton working our way through town and our list of errands. Not having read this week’s newspaper, The Echo, and without the town of High Level having a Twitter-feed we chanced upon the Santa Parade moving through mainstreet. Later, at supper, I learned about fireworks being among today’s events – at 6:00 p.m. the High Level Fire Department would begin a fireworks display. With all the night photography I’ve done, I hadn’t yet captured fireworks.  I found my blue folder of Night Photography notes from Darlene Hildebrand (Her View Photography ), skimmed them, briefly, put my Canon 60 D on top of my Manfrotto tripod, changed lenses to my Canon 15-80mm zoom and set the shutter release for a 2-second countdown.  The camera settings for the photographs I took are ISO 100, f-8 with an exposure of 13 seconds. I got to the fireworks site, aimed my camera into the sky toward an anticipated fireworks target area and made rough calculations for focusing to subject; using live view I adjusted composition area against where fireworks were bursting open and fell from; each of the 79 pictures taken are at a range of approximately 200-300 metres from the camera. Above, you’ll find some of the better exposures I snapped.

5 thoughts on “Santa Day Fireworks

  1. hello! I see you have linked to my site and took my night class but I have no idea who you are!? I looked in the About page and it just says “me” and “I” and no name that I can see. I’d love to know who you are mystery person?

    Cheers Darlene

    PS you want to delete commend like the one above, they’re spam.

    1. Hello Darlene:

      I’m following you in your Her View weblog. Two summers ago, in late August, we met for Tutoring on a Saturday evening. You shared much of the Night Photography course with me, answered basics regarding working with light at night and introduced me to Lightroom; you extended the invite for the Night Photography field trip the following Friday; below – the third student, that’s me.

      When time permits, my intention is to connect with you for tutoring via the internet.

      Take care, … 🙂

    1. Hi Darlene:

      I imagine you’ll understand that the photoblog is still in many ways a beta test (in as much as I’ve received tons of support and encouragement and maintained it through this year); I do wonder what I’d do for a next step with a blog … perhaps something with zenfolio if I was to aim to sell photos. There, on the photoblog’s round two I would attach a John Henry … perhaps this something we can talk about.


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