Deposit Point – Grain

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Grain Bin - Dixonville, Alberta 1

Grain Bin – Dixonville, Alberta 1

Grain Bin - Dixonville, Alberta 2

Grain Bin – Dixonville, Alberta 2

Grain Bin - Dixonville, Alberta 3

Grain Bin – Dixonville, Alberta 3

On the back road between Manning and Fairview old, wooden grain bins are found and are located within large fields as deposit points for grain in harvest. Well-constructed wooden grain bins still stand while those that were constructed hastily erode, leaning and falling over. Those made with plywood walls sometimes have a wall missing leaving only the frame and exposing the bin’s interior. Wood grain bins are more a thing of the past with corrugated metal grain bins made by Butler, Westeel or Roscoe now being used, bins set on cement pads, often clustered at highest dry points on a farmer’s field. This well-constructed grain bin has caught my eye regularly; caught at the time of harvest amid ready and ripe grain wood’s texture and lines appeal as does colour and context.

Listening to – Kacey Musgrave’s ‘Keep It to Yourself’ and David Gray’s ‘Flame Turns Blue.’

Quote to Inspire – “What I did, anybody can do.” – Weegee

McNaught Grain Bins


Grain Bins - McNaught Homestead (near Beaverlodge, Alberta)

Enjoying this photograph of two grain bins at the McNaught Homestead … reminded of Bill Brandley’s conception of texture within a photograph being that of ‘visual touch.’  Liking the colour, glare and overexposure.

Listening to T-Bone Burnett sing River of Love from his Twenty Twenty: The Essential T-Bone Burnett; pointed toward this album in Stocki’s Rhythm and Soul broadcast, an album I purchased in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Quote to Inspire – “It can be a trap of the photographer to think that his or her best pictures were the ones that were hardest to get.” – Timothy Allen (quoted by Digital Photography School)