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Cathedral Grove & the Old School House

A few years back, the Old School House in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia served as gallery for several photographs of Cathedral Grove, including a large, canvas panoramic image photographed within the site. In memory, the canvas must have been huge … maybe three metres… Continue Reading “Cathedral Grove & the Old School House”

Island Greenery – Light First

April, 2019 – our daughter finishes her spring term at University. My wife and I have spring break, time away from school. We collect our daughter and her personal effects. And, we fly out to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. From Victoria we drive up… Continue Reading “Island Greenery – Light First”

Walking a Dream Catcher

I watched a vlog of a Nikon Canada event hosted in Edmonton at the new Walterdale bridge, a through arch bridge that captivates with its arch suspended roadway and shape that juxtaposes a curve amongst a backdrop of architectural right angles. The Nikon event… Continue Reading “Walking a Dream Catcher”

December’s Downtime Edits – May Wildfire(s)

In our neck of the woods, most people within the Mackenzie County (Alberta’s most northeast region) were impacted by a wildfire that began in May and still smoulders now, in December, despite snow and cold. We were evacuated from High Level as were surrounding… Continue Reading “December’s Downtime Edits – May Wildfire(s)”

Kirk, Rangefinder and Framing

Church has been subject matter for many photos this fall. In Fort Vermilion’s north settlement, a metis settlement, I continue to return to the St. Louis Roman Catholic Church every few weeks and stay for an hour or two. Looking at this Church at… Continue Reading “Kirk, Rangefinder and Framing”

A Photograph & The Moment Considered

Making a photograph can work in two ways. We can plan a photograph. We can walk the scene, find the strongest way of seeing, decide best vantage point, apply craft and engage light and shadow. We compose the shot, arranges elements that will become… Continue Reading “A Photograph & The Moment Considered”

Lumber Mill Steam

A colder day in High Level, Alberta – perhaps -35C; steam rises from one of the two lumber mills. Quote to Consider / Inspire: ‘The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.’ – Dorothea Lange Listening to: U2’s… Continue Reading “Lumber Mill Steam”


Two winter homestead images from back in November. In each liking the light and colours. Quote to Consider / Inspire: ‘My interest in photography is not to capture an image I see or even have in my mind, but to explore the potential of… Continue Reading “Homestead”

Float Plane – Vancouver Harbor

Looking back through images to this one – a float plane descends to its harbor runway in Vancouver, British Columbia. An Easter vacation with family in Vancouver – a memorable time. Quote to Consider / Inspire: ‘A camera is a SAVE button for the… Continue Reading “Float Plane – Vancouver Harbor”

Photowalk Two-shot Pano

During last October’s Kelby World-wide Photowalk, I snapped two different shots of a retro-green work shed along Ragged Ass Road in Yellowknife. When looking back to my photowalk photos, I recognized that it might be possible to stitch them together in a Panorama in… Continue Reading “Photowalk Two-shot Pano”

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