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An educator and photographer of Alberta’s north, seeing and sharing much more of the world through the lens of my camera.

Meticulous, Careful & Slow

“Rodin did not concern himself with the beautiful. His art was meticulous, careful and slow. The beautiful comes only in its own terms. ‘Like in the forest when the forest is free of strangers in the evening the shy animals turn up at the river to drink.’  And, that’s the way the beautiful actually comes (Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, John O’Donohue, Greenbelt).”

At Vavenby, British Columbia – the older Chevrolet, Cab & Chassis look on as vehicles pass by (Summer 2011).

A Miniscule Moment in a Dark Landscape

“Without beauty life would be unbearable. We need the beautiful as much as we need love. Beauty and the beautiful are not the preserve of luxus or the elite privileged; everyone needs it. There are people in the world now who are holding out on the rawest edges of what’s humane – in refugee camps, in prisons, in hospitals, in places of starvation – who are only able to hold out because they’ve got some glimpse of the beautiful. Sometimes beauty is like that; it turns up as a miniscule moment in a dark landscape and recalls us to possibility and inspiration and encouragement. We can hold out in very bleak places if we are in touch with the presence of beauty. “(John O’Donohue – Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, Greenbelt)

On the way out to Qualicum Beach, British Columbia with the burden of bringing Dad home, this vehicle was encountered in Vavenby, British Columbia – its owner rich with intention and skill, able to restore and beautify it in the near future (Summer 2011)

Early 50s Chevrolet Cab and Chassis

In My Back Pocket


If you’ve found your way to this photo blog you are likely a person keenly interested in photography or someone who appreciates quality photographic images resulting from skilful camera work. I am a photographer who is about to engage in the 365 day, photo-a-day commitment and will appreciate your stopping in, regularly, to look around, check things out and share in the dialogue that ensues.

About Project 365 – this photo-a-day project holds my interest in terms of its potential for grappling with photography through practice and dialogue. Within this project I should be able to tackle one concept or skill or understanding for short periods of time, work with it, post results and comment about what occurred on a daily basis.

My intention for this photo blog project is best explained by analogy. In relation to fitness, a friend counsels about his need to go beyond weight training, to keep a 5K in his back pocket. On a daily basis, he will direct part of his workout to ensuring he is ready and able when the invitation of a 5K presents itself. His point is that none of us should ever be found sidelined or underprepared for Life’s challenges; daily discipline and practice help maintain, in readiness, our strength, stamina and competencies to challenge any such opportunity. To this end, each morning, he adds 50 minutes of long, slow burn cardio exercise to his workouts. And, you’ll find he’s more than prepared to engage in a 5K or most other Life challenges, whenever they arise.

Moving toward Photography that’s In My Back Pocket  Working a little each day at this year-long, photo-a-day project, competencies should develop, understandings should gel and solidify and quality photographic results should occur with greater consistency. I anticipate that my talk surrounding photography will evolve as will how I include camera work within each day. Best images result from competent camera work and good understanding of practice and our intent, things each of us should have in our back pocket when the opportunity of a photograph presents itself. I hope you will engage in dialogue with me about these matters and that you’ll find the grace to share your knowledge, your questions and your comments (and ‘likes’) along the way. Your interest and goodwill are appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by.

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